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Blogs/Articles: How to go about finding a date in Hong Kong


How to go about finding a date in Hong Kong

July 16, 2013
How to go about finding a date in Hong KongLove is a wonderful feeling. Every man and woman out there desires to be loved and cared for. They long for a companion who would stay with them and stand for them for their entire life. Yet, a lot of people are single. It is extremely difficult to find a proper date nowadays, and the worst part is that a majority of relationships these days do not last long. It only leaves us with a lot of bad memories. This is mainly because we want to fall in love and make decisions in a hurry. This can be avoided easily If you are a little conscious and play the cards right. To be honest, you can also find your date without much difficulty. Here are a few ways to find a perfect date for you in Hong Kong:

Taking Up Outdoor Activities

For both girls and boys, it is extremely important that they meet each other to grow a liking. In our daily monotonous and busy lives, we hardly get any time to meet with new people and share our thoughts. This is one of the most important reasons that people are single these days. So, for meeting some new men and women in Hong Kong, you should take up outdoor activities. Girls should join guys-oriented activities, such as wall climbing and other sports like basketball, soccer etc. This would introduce them to a lot of new people of the opposite sex. Chances are that you may find someone interesting and thus, your date. You will have the chance to meet them and get to know them closely. This will definitely help you take a wise decision. Moreover, in guys-oriented activities, there are very less numbers of girls, hence the competition is literally not there. You can easily attract the attention of the guys. The same is true for boys. Joining a girl-oriented activity such as dancing classes, cooking classes, or singing classes exposes them to a lot of girls with minimal competition. You may find that one girl you have always dreamt about.

Clubs and pubs

Going to clubs and pubs is an excellent idea to find single boys and girls in Hong Kong. A lot can happen over a glass of beer. Go on the dance floor and show your moves. If you are good in dancing, this can grab you instant attention and others would definitely want to know more about you. Random hook up, exchange of phone numbers is quite common, and so you would notice when you head out to a pub or club in Hong Kong. If you are not the one to dance, you can still find a lot of women to befriend with. Engage in conversations with them and you will definitely find someone ready to go on a date with you.

Office romance

Office can be a great place for starting a romantic flair. It is always an advantage to see each other in the work place and having something in common to speak about. These love affairs can be really sweet and can last a long time. If you admire one of your colleagues, tell him or her about your feelings. Who knows you may find the perfect match. Ask him or her out for a date and spend time to get to know each other. You might end up finding just the right partner.

How to go about finding a date in Hong Kong

Group Dating

Group dating was actually practiced in Japan. But it has grown popular all over the world. You can try group dating in Hong Kong as well. Form a group with your friends of the same gender and then you can go out on a date with another group of the opposite gender. Both the groups can indulge in sports, and can socialize with each other. Have some drink exchange phone numbers. Hopefully you can find a date for yourself and go on a private date later.

Speed dating

For the last decade, speed dating has grown quite popular in Hong Kong. In this event you can meet a large number of people and find the perfect match for yourself. You get limited time to meet with the other person. If you can identify the man of your dreams quickly from the lot and believe in love at first sight, then this is the best and quickest way to find yourself a date. Lots of websites host speed dating events. You can easily find one just by carrying out a basic Google search for it.

Dating Websites

With the growth of technology and internet, love can actually happen even from your own room. This is excellent way to find a companion for those who hardly get any time to socialize and meet with people. Numerous dating websites are available that offer free service. You just need to register and set up a profile and you are ready to meet million other single men and women. You can also filter search with your likes and dislikes to ensure that you find the perfect match. You can start conversing with someone you find interesting. Gradually you get to know each other and later may decide to meet each other and go on a date.

Smartphone Apps

Technology has furthermore to offer. Now you can find a match directly from your Smartphone. Apps like Badoo and Skout helps in finding people to date with. The GPS of the phones is used to locate each user and you can easily find out how far they are from you. You can check on others profiles and chat with the one you wish using the app itself. If the other person likes you both of you can head out for a date.

Personal ads

You can often find ads for friendship requests in newspapers and internet. This method has now been used successfully for over a decade. Go through the ads where the one putting the add mentions about their likes and dislikes. If you find anyone interesting you can contact them. Moreover you can put an ad for yourself too. Although, it is a brave decision as it can draw some weirdoes and your contact information is vulnerable, this is quite an effective way to find a date in Hong Kong.

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