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Blogs/Articles: A Look into How the Girls in Hong Kong Perceive Love


A Look into How the Girls in Hong Kong Perceive Love

June 15, 2013
A Look into How the Girls in Hong Kong Perceive LoveThe perception of love varies in terms of geography and demography. The cultural differences among people greatly influence how they perceive love and marriage, and so holds true for Hong Kong too. Hong Kong is located on the South East Asian peninsula where there is an inter-marriage of Chinese, Malay, Indo and Indian culture. Hong Kong was also under the British rule for more than a century before it was returned back to China in 1997.During the British occupation, a number of Britons indulged in inter-marriage with the Chinese and permanently stayed in Hong Kong, which is why it is quite noticeable that Hong Kong women speak English more fluently in British accent than their Chinese descendants. Hong Kong being traditionally Chinese has great European influence because of the British colonial rule.

What do HK girls think about relationships?

As with the traditional Chinese, Hong Kong women view relationships as family oriented. Women tend to view their mates as their future family or husband even during the early days of courtship. In this regard, Hong Kong women will tend to be more possessive and in control. Matriarchal control is more pronounced in the Indo and Malay cultures of which Hong Kong civilization may have taken roots on. You would expect Hong Kong women to fast track engagements for marriage in the fear of losing their mate to a competitor. It is also innate that they fear the prospect of being an “old maid” for which the concept of a complete family is never achieved. An old Chinese proverb says “.. the Chinese woman is as good as the male offspring that she produces”. The procreative urge is also an issue for Hong Kong women because Chinese fathers do honor male offspring than females.

Courtship is no longer dubbed as the get to know phase but as display of belongingness to Hong Kong women. For Hong Kong coeds accepting a date precludes that she considers him as a potential husband already and a mate to continue one’s bloodline. That is why Hong Kong girlfriends are expected to be more submissive to their boyfriend as if the obligation of marriage has already been sealed before the actual union.

It is a prevalent observation that Hong Kong women are basically materialistic in nature. This is not to be taken in a negative context but this is a matter of marriage security. Women are well aware of the disparity of the male to female ratio in Hong Kong that as of 2009 there are only 889 males for every 1000 females. Materialism is also evident because of the big share of the domestic retail trade especially on the signature and branded items. Hong Kong men usually win over female by giving them expensive gifts like signature clothing lines, branded jewelries and expensive high end cell phones and gadgets. This cultural practice has somehow propelled their local domestic trade to sustainable heights. After all, Hong Kong is one of the world’s top trading giants.
A Look into How the Girls in Hong Kong Perceive Love

What do HK girls think about marriage?

Hong Kong males thrive on financial dependency as part of their “macho” or “machismo” (the state of being macho and desirable) ego. The more they can secure the girl and their family financially, the more the females become depend to him, consequently, the girl is least likely to consider leaving him or involve in an extra-marital relationship. Unfortunately for the guys, the business milieu in Hong Kong has slowly embraced the idea of female leadership as fostered by their British colonists’ ideals on gender equality. The active involvement of female in business leadership has spawn a new generation of wealthy Hong Kong women executives. Basically, females with big paychecks deter the insecure male to pursue them in marriage because of financial disparity and “machismo” image. This revenue shift has brought the Hong Kong gentlemen’s attention to their less educated mainland Chinese counterparts. Incidence has it that Hong Kong men may prefer mainland Chinese women than Hong Kong wives because of this insecurity. To uphold their “machismo” image there is an observable increase in extramarital affairs with a younger mainland Chinese woman among married men. This phenomenon triggers an unwilling competition among Hong Kong women and Chinese mainland women for an eligible husband. It is generally thought among Chinese mainland women that Hong Kong males are more affluent than their Mainland Chinese men, thus; such booty is worth fighting for.

After the 1997 return of Hong Kong to China’s rule, the Chinese economy has slowly become steady and promising. The rich Mainland Chinese male population has eventually grown in numbers, catching the interests of the Hong Kong women as well. This causes an inadvertent competition between the mainland Chinese women and the Hong Kong women that is why they usually hate each other in this respect.

More of old Chinese tradition

In the traditional Chinese society, the male sibling is the priced offspring because they ensure the continuity of the bloodline, the business and the prestige. The female offspring however are regarded as liabilities unless they marry a wealthy husband that could literally uplift the socio-economic status of the female’s family name. Consequently, female siblings of an affluent and illustrious family are often secured for one wrong marriage with a poor family may ruin the reputation of the family. This is the origin of the old Chinese tradition of arranged marriages. Arranged marriages ensure continuity of power, wealth and influence among the prominent Chinese families. The internal struggle within these Hong Kong women to uplift the socio-economic status of the family makes them prefer wealthy partners over partners that they are amorously involved.

The Hong Kong men in this kind of materialistic society will continually purchase more expensive products to please their partners. In the same way, the women will purchase more branded and signature clothes and apparel to uplift their appearances and their desirability. Their delusions of affluence, generates more domestic spending and support internal trade. Trade is the backbone of employment and economy in first world countries like Hong Kong. It is funny to think though that their domestic trade is largely influenced by their perception of Love.

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