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Blogs/Articles: Single Girls In Hong Kong – Why are their numbers rising?


Single Girls In Hong Kong – Why are their numbers rising?

July 3, 2013
Single Girls In Hong Kong – Why are their numbers rising?In every civilization in the past, a great disparity of numbers between men and women are usually observable. Women are usually plentiful than men, this is because men usually die young in battles and men are usually prone to life threatening diseases like tuberculosis and cancer. Death from health hazards are greatly influenced by man’s behavior like smoking, drinking alcohol, rough sports and staying out late. In the present peace time, first world nations like Hong Kong have seen this kind of female to male disparity on another level. Hong Kong Females have grown increasingly weary because the number of males has become sparser by the year. Social experts believe that such disparity may stem from these basic factors of the Hong Kong society:


They say they are too many women for fewer gentlemen in Hong Kong. Although birth records show that there are more males than females born in Hong Kong, many males die before they reach the age of active fertility (24 years old). Hong Kong males are more prone to communicable childhood diseases and there is a high incidence of fatal congenital problems like heart diseases. Migration rate of males are slightly higher than females before reaching the age of 24. This clearly shows that Hong Kong women have a better survival rating than men. Child mortality rates in highly industrialized countries remain particularly high because lesser working moms breastfeed their young. Breast milk confers the baby powerful immunity against invading viruses and bacteria which may prove to be life saving in their childhood.


Hong Kong being a first world nation is attuned to a metropolitan lifestyle of night life, smoking, drinking alcohol and stressful way of life. The evolution of labor from physical into mental in the metropolitan state makes men more less healthy and susceptible to non-communicable diseases like heart attacks, stroke and cancer. There are medical studies that clearly show that heavy exposure to smoking may decrease sperm cell count and motility making smoking couples less fertile than their healthy counterparts. By statistics, these lifestyle diseases are usually seen in men than in women. More male deaths in the younger population decrease the male to female ratio significantly.

The metropolitan stress has rendered many young male executives to be unwed because marriage may be perceived as an additional financial burden and stress. This is more prominent in male executives that enter the stressful corporate world as a single unmarried employee. In a similar way, ultra stressed female executives are prone to eliminate social night life and life style in lieu of their work pressures. This will significantly lessen their contact to the opposite sex , thus, their chances of finding a life time spouse.
Single Girls In Hong Kong – Why are their numbers rising?


With the metropolitan overgrowth, females have acquired high ranking positions in company and have gave rise into a new breed of Hong Kong women with high pay checks. Let us refer to them as the women executives. Males have traditionally woe their spouses with their wealth and the promise of financial freedom. With the women executives, males could no longer flaunt their keep for some of them really earns more than their male counterparts. For this reason, many women executives remain single or they end up marrying a foreigner or a wealthy mainland Chinese husband.

More Hong Kong female are becoming more educated than before. Television soap operas from Taiwan has become a favorite past time among young female teens in Hong Kong. Television series in the mainstream depicts an ultra perfect gentle boyfriend who is extremely wealthy, flawlessly good looking and smart. These puppy love plots involving perfect pairs increases the Hong Kong female standard of searching a husband in the future. In the end, Hong Kong females become more and more choosey while Hong Kong males become less attractive to them than before. Observations have it that more women in Hong Kong remain unwed because of these ideals while some even have to leave the country to search their Mr. Right elsewhere.


Hong Kong men assert their “machismo” or “macho image” in expressing their equitability by giving buying expensive gifts to prospective spouses. This manner of financial display re-assures the female partner that she will be provided for financially in the future. Men want their spouses to financially dependent to them so that the women may never think of living them. This type of control deeply rooted in the human ego and for that, Hong Kong men are branded to be “Controlling” and “Dominating”. For this very reason, they go for submissive women for their life time spouse. The advent of the women executives have displaced the men’s interest towards their Chinese mainland women counterparts who are less educated, belonging to a lower income family and utterly submissive to them. This social phenomenon has increased the incidence of extramarital relationships of Hong Kong men to younger Chinese mainland girls.

The great disparity of the sexes may not be a major problem in Hong Kong after all. The increasing literacy rate and empowerment among women have also increased the number of women who pursues a life of single blessedness (living life alone), they are independently sufficient and may not need a partner to start a family. The floodgates from the mainland China have opened since 1997, where single Honk Kong women may freely migrate to mainland China or Macau and marry a rich Chinese husband for this matter. Hong Kong maintains a low but stable birth rate of 7.54 births per 1000 and it is continually growing unlike other first world countries that sometimes fall negative. The plane of urbanization pushes outward from the capital because the people are becoming more educated.

I personally believe that the true measure of Hong Kong’s success is not to be gauged by the female and male disparity but by the kind of people that transcended from their humble beginnings to a trade giant of the future.

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