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Blogs/Articles: The power of love-Ingredients that make powerful love


The power of love-Ingredients that make powerful love

May 1, 2013
The power of love-Ingredients that make powerful loveLove is defined as a strong affection between two individuals. It is an emotion that attaches one person to another, and all good virtues stem from it. Poets have written about love, some describing it to as robust as death itself, and a tough emotional connection that determines the mood of individuals. This article will outline the ingredients that make powerful love.


The key to the success of any human relationship is communication. Communication is basically the passing of information from one person to another. In most cases, it has proven to be a key instrument that determines whether to break or mend a relationship. When it comes to love, communication is a key ingredient in making love powerful. Love should not just be shown, but should also be expressed. Without good communication, it is almost impossible to express love for another person. Communication plays a vital role in resolving disputes between two lovers. It is important for people in love to express themselves. They should express their misgivings when an issue arises and through communication resolve any problems. In cases where one of the persons in love gets offended but chooses to remain silent, it has grave unco-operative effects on the relationship. This is simply because the silence may lead to inner feelings of displeasure and if the other person persists in the cause of the pessimistic feeling, it may develop to contempt.

It is common for couples who don’t express their displeasure, to hold grudges against their partners. These small grudges eventually develop to hate and love is destroyed. Communication must therefore, be emphasized in any loving relationship. It also plays a vital role in keeping the love durable when two lovers are separated by distance. Keeping communication constant helps to make the love sturdy, and as well lessens the worry that comes with separation.


There is the saying that love is blind. This is symbolic to signify the power of love that makes a person overlook another’s weaknesses. Tolerance is one of the key ingredients that make powerful love. In any relationship between individuals, there may be disagreements and mishaps. Tolerance makes it possible for the love to grow. This is because in some cases, an individual may have various habits that the other person chooses to overlook when enamored. In cases where the person is not infatuated, some of these habits may prove annoying. Hence, tolerance makes love powerful. It is also common to have disagreements in any relationship; this may cause one party to get angry at the actions of the other. Tolerance, however, makes an individual slow to anger and this prevents them from saying hurtful words to their loved ones.

The power of love-Ingredients that make powerful love


For any loving relationship to flourish, the people in love must have understanding. They both should be aware of each other’s strengths and weaknesses. They should also take decisions only after consulting with each other, and this will go a long way in strengthening their love for each other. Understanding is a very good ingredient for making love powerful. With understanding, there are fewer arguments and love is left to blossom without negative feelings associated with quarrels that arise from misunderstanding each other.


Loyalty basically means a duty towards someone, or feelings of friendship and support directed to someone. It is one of the ingredients that make powerful love. With loyalty, two individuals in love knit very closely together by that strong feeling towards each other. It eliminates various problems such as infidelity or lying. The two people in love simply feel a strong commitment for each other and are supportive of one another in good and bad times. Loyalty creates trust, which is a vital component of love.


Honesty is very important in any relationship. If you love someone, it is not wise to lie to them or cheat on them. Honesty goes hand in hand with openness and is a vital element in making love strong. When you are honest with your partner in all things, it leads to trust, which is very important in love. Honesty includes admitting when you have done something wrong, and is typically followed by forgiveness and trust. Love normally dies when one person in a relationship is dishonest, and the other individual finds out the truth. It is also hurting to the person you love when they find out that you have been dishonest. It makes it impossible for them to believe you in the future, even when you are telling the truth. Suspicion grows out of dishonest relations, and trust is lost. Consequently, love does not last unless measures are taken to remedy the situation.


Kindness is one of the basic evidence of love. Kindness may be in the form of gifts or actions. Even a small show of care qualifies as kindness. It is a vital component of love that is a key to making it powerful. Kindness can be in the form of kind of words given to the person you love. These kind words show how much you appreciate them and are basically an indirect expression of love. It is said that kindness is a universal language and everyone who gets it reacts positively. It also involves being there for the person you love when they are going through a hard time. This is hence, a key ingredient in making love powerful, and it makes the other person happy and in this way strengthening the bond that exists in the love.

Love is an important virtue that makes us happy and also places a sense of purpose to our lives. It makes it possible for us to go through good and bad times due to the support received from those who love us. Love is indeed powerful and influences our day to day lives. It is made even more powerful by the key ingredients of communication, tolerance, mutual understanding, loyalty, honesty and kindness. When these key ingredients are used together, they make love a formidable force that can overcome every challenge coming its way. People who make use of these key ingredients will definitely stay in love.

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