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Blogs/Articles: Loving someone- Does money play a crucial role?


Loving someone- Does money play a crucial role?

April 1, 2013
Loving someone- Does money play a crucial role?Love is defined by many experts as a feeling of affection towards something or someone. It is usually accompanied by qualities such as kindness, care, and trust. In this case, we are looking at love in the context of couples and in the forming relationships. The role of money in relationships will also be discussed by analyzing various situations.

Love while Dating

Before a couple forms a relationship, they must first meet. Meeting can be occasioned by acquaintance whereby, the two who intend to make a couple already know each other, are introduced or, randomly meet and get acquainted. It is at this stage that the two are able to learn more about each other and possibly like each other beyond the physical attraction phase.

Most relationships have been known to end at this early stage as the couples learn more about each other. Of primary concern is the issue of money. At first, the girl in the relationship will obviously expect the man to handle the bill when they go out for a date. This may pose a problem to the man, especially if he is out to impress, and they end up eating at expensive places that his budget cannot sustain in the long run.

On the other hand, a situation may present itself whereby; the woman in the relationship earns more money than the man and can comfortably handle the bill. It is rare to find a woman who will gladly pay the bill without feeling offended, and in most cases such as relationships tend to last long. This is in contrast with a situation where the man does not have the means to maintain the woman’s lifestyle yet she insists on him paying all the bills.

At this early stage of dating both parties get to know what the other partner makes in terms of income, and it is here that a decision is made on whether to form a strong relationship or remain as friends. Research has shown that younger women in their twenties prefer a man who is financially stable and capable of treating them well. They want a man who can afford to take them out, buy them gifts and spend money on them.

Older women in their late twenties are considered mature in their dating choices. Most of them want to settle down and are looking for a man who is capable of raising a family with them. They also prefer a man who is financially stable, but they do not insist on spending too much on pleasure. They are more concerned about the future, savings, mortgages and investments.
Loving someone- Does money play a crucial role?
Money in the early stages of dating is hence, very important as it plays a significant role in determining whether or not the relationships grow into something more serious or is kept at the mere friends' level.

Some people have made the mistake of lying about their financial resources to influence the partner they get in marriage. For example, a rich man or woman may pose as ordinary to the other person and may even understate his or her income. This is usually done by the rich to ensure that they end up with someone who is honestly in love with them and not just after their money. On the other had some people pretend to be prosperous to make the other person fall in love with them. By the time the other person realizes the truth, they are probably so much in love that they are willing to overlook the lies.

Love in marriage

Marriage is a union between two people and is recognized as a contract in law. Marriage happens for many reasons one of them being love and companionship. Usually before people get married, they know all about each other, and a ceremony is held in public to unionize the two. Various problems may, however, emerge during the marriage that may severely affect the standing of the relationship.

One of the root causes of problems in most marriages is related to finances. Money plays an important role in maintaining the newly formed family, and disagreements may arise as to the spending priorities in the house. This can cause great problems, especially if one of the partners is extravagant and does not consult with the other before spending money. Complete openness is required as failure to be open on spending can lead to suspicion even that of infidelity and can cause a marriage to break.

Other problems may arise that are money-related. An example if one of the partners was highly influenced by the financial stability of the other. If it happens that the other partner loses their source of income, then problems will definitely arise in the relationship. Love that is based or influenced by material wealth is negatively affected when that wealth disappears. This is because the primary reason for entering into that relationship was to have access to the financial resources. This is a major reason why most families encounter problems after one of the partners loses a job. It leads to a change of roles which none of the partners are accustomed to and may lead to fall out of love if one partner feels undermined by the other.

Money may also have a negative effect on the relationship, especially due to increased wealth on the side of one partner. In some cases, it has been shown to cause differences in the relationship as a result of one partner undermining the other.

In conclusion, we can say that money plays a vital role in any relationship and can mend or break love ties. However, if two people love each other, they can help each other through problems that may arise regardless of financial constraints. Love requires and demands sacrifice for the good of all. A situation whereby, love is driven by selfish motivation goes against all definitions of the word. Couples should ensure they take their time to learn more about each other and grow in love before rushing into serious commitments such as marriage.

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