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June 1, 2013
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Blogs/Articles: Friends, the one who loves you when you are not lovable


Friends, the one who loves you when you are not lovable

June 1, 2013
Friends, the one who loves you when you are not lovableIt is a well said quote that friendship has the power to multiply what’s good and divide the evil. If you have got honest friends, then you have got everything in this world. This truly describes the importance of friendship in life. Friendship is a priceless gift which is a blessing indeed. Friendship develops when two people share strong attachment and bond, mutual understanding, respect and trust for one another. It is the only relationship that can stand against all the ups and downs of life. True friends truly know you more than yourself.

No matter what circumstances there are, friends always are found by our side like an umbrella. There is no such person in this world who sticks with you forever. There are people who stay with you till your time is good and leave you when you really need them. That is life but a friend is the only person who sticks with you no matter what type of life you are living. It is said that friends can even understand our silence. They are truly such people who accept us for who we are. After family, they are the only ones to care for you. Some people don’t even get the support they need from their family but a best friend fulfills that gap.

If you have got some person with whom you can share your success and failure then life can be a lot easier. Friends are not meant to spend free time with or have fun with. Though it is a part of friendship but a true friend is the only person who loves you when you are not really lovable. There are so many events in life that bring us down and make us disappointed. People are always ready to point your flaws out. That is the time when you need support which you can hardly expect from anyone except your best friend. They always have a reason to make us smile and make us forget our sorrows.

In friendship, distance hardly matters. Believe me, even if you have found your true love, you cannot expect them to know you like your friend knows you. Many people start ignoring their friends once they find their better half, well that’s what most of the friends complain about. There comes a time in your love life too when you need your friend to support you. Love always leaves scars and friendship can heal those scars. That’s what makes this relationship so special.

It is said that good friends don’t let you do stupid things alone. This is indeed a reality. These stupid things become our memories which we cherish our whole life. As mentioned before, finding a friend in today’s world who truly gets you is not easy. There are many people who wish they could have some friend to share their good and bad times with. That’s because there are certain things which you can’t say to anyone except your best friend. Even if he or she cannot give a good advice but at least you know you will feel lighter after sharing your feelings.

The world is very good at pointing fingers on bad performance, failure and other things that can make us disheartened. That’s when your friend’s role comes to play. He or she brings a smile, where the world leaves tears. Friends don’t stab you in the back; they stab you in the front. Friends know what we like and they know how to convince us… Oprah Winfrey has said really beautiful lines about friendship:

Friends, the one who loves you when you are not lovable“A lot of people might want to have a ride with you in a limo, but all you really want is a friend who happily takes the bus with you when the limo breaks down”

If you honestly ask yourself which person in your life means the most, then instead of choosing those who give you advice, solutions or cures, you prefer to choose the one who shares your pain and touches your wounds with tender hands and that person is your true friend.

Expecting too much from your friend and giving less in return can damage your friendship. You need to treat your friend the same way he or she treats you. That’s because you are soul mates and soul mates get each other really well. An important thing to mention here is that if your likes and dislikes are not similar, it does not mean you cannot be best friends. Respect, love, faith, trust and honesty make this relationship stronger and last longer.

Einstein sure has said something really deep:

“A friend to all is a friend to none”

Make sure you don’t have that kind of friendship. It is good to respect those friends who arrange a time for you in their busy schedule but never leave those friends who don’t care about their schedule when you need them. These are only those friends who know you are down and you need their love and support. They are the rainbow after the rainfall of sorrows and grieve.

Friends and good manners can take you there where money can’t go. Like all relationships, there are arguments in friendship too but we all know we would not be leaving our friends over something stupid. Friends don’t need explanation, they can know what you want from your smile and your eyes. They are those people in life which we can’t let go. If you manage to find a true friend, then keep him with you forever. You can annoy them anytime, call them by any name, do anything to them, beat them, adore them and do whatever you can, that is only because you know they are never leaving.

If you are away from your best friend, then you would definitely be missing them more than anything? They can remove the dullness of life and make you cheer when you don’t even want to fake a smile. There are many people who have failed to realize the importance of a true friend. Many of them have even managed to realize their importance in the hard times. So, never forget to love your friend.

June 17, 2013 - homeing
- This is an interesting article...although a little simple, it is worth reminding ourselves again
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