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Blogs/Articles: Best friend-The first and forever true love of your life


Best friend-The first and forever true love of your life

May 15, 2013
Best friend-The first and forever true love of your lifeIf you have got a best friend then you are one of the luckiest people in this world. Finding an honest friend who will stick by your side without any selfish mean is a real blessing. Just like finding true love, finding a true friend seems to be a nerve wracking task. Friendship is based on honesty, loyalty, integrity and respect. Sure sarcasm is a part of the routine but too much offensiveness can kill the relationship.

Everyone wishes to surround themselves with their best friends that’s because having true best friends means you have got all the love in the world. If your best friend loves you then believe me, you will never wish for another lover. After all, the love of your friend will be unconditional. It is a well said quote:

“Love asked friendship why you exist when I already exist. Friendship replied to bring a smile where you leave tears”

Those who have been betrayed by love would know the meaning of friendship as well. No lover can love you more than your best friend because your best friend knows and loves your ugliest side too. Some people fall in love with their best friends. Well, that’s another case because living a love life with the one which you are best friends is the best thing that could ever happen. However, managing such a relation can be a little tough but with mutual consent, you can break all the chains indeed.

Whether it is the relation of a boss and employee, husband and wife or the whole family trust counts a lot. Without trust, there is no relation in this world that can last forever. In the hard times, even your blood relations leave you, but a best friend comes and picks up the pieces when you are broken. He is the only person who knows how to cheer you up. We don’t even spend much time of the day with our family or but when it comes to friends, we are with them for more than half of the day. That is why our friends know us better than our family itself. There are things which your mom would not even understand but your best friend would because you get each other so well.

Friendship does not mean how long you remain friends but it is all about who stayed with you when a number of friends came and went. Keeping friends for long does not mean their purpose is to stay there and help us whenever we need them or whenever we call them for help. Friends are there for your moral support and this support pushes you towards success. Suppose you are financially facing the worst time of your life and your wife leaves you because of shortage of money then here your friend’s role will count. It does not mean he will help you financially rather it means he will give you the necessary support that help you in staying positive and go through that hard phase of life. No love lasts forever, even your friendship might also enter a phase where you would have to choose between your friend and your life. Sometimes you have to let go off your friends too but you need to make your friend realize that he or she is important too. If life tears you apart, keep your friend in your heart, he will stay there forever.

It is well said that:

Best friend-The first and forever true love of your life“Each of our friends represents a world in us, the world which would not be born until they arrive and it is only by their meeting that a new world is born.”

Aristotle once said:

“My best friend is the man who keeps on giving me well wishes just for my sake”

The person who has lost his father is called an orphan; the one who has lost his wife is called a widower. But the man who has lost a friend, by what name do we call him? Every language is silent here and holds the peace in helplessness.

When you have got a flat tire and you need your friend’s presence, similarly when your friend has got a flat tire, he or she will need you there too. You need to treat your friend the same way you want to get treated.

Many people search for true friendship. Becoming friends with someone would be easy but making that friendship last forever is difficult indeed. You might not believe this but there is a magnet in your heart that will be attracting true friends towards you. That magnet is called selflessness, forgiveness, thinking of others before you and kindness. When you will learn to live for others then others will also live for you. There are some people who don’t give a damn even if you do so much for them. They always back out at the hour of need. Don’t try to make friends with such people. When a person only comes to you just because he needs you, he cannot be your best friend.

If you still think there can be a better relation than friendship then maybe you have been blessed by the company of a best friend. Remember this, it is more shameful to betray your friend than to be betrayed by him. Lovers have a right to deceive you but friends don’t. That’s why the love and affection between a best friend is the first and forever true love of a person’s life. There is nothing above this relation. It is said that love is blind, but when it comes to friendship, it closes its eyes intentionally.

Laughter is not a bad beginning of a friendship after all, but if it ends with laughter then it is the best of all. Making friends might be easy but making your relationship with your friend last forever is a big challenge indeed. Be slow to choose a friend but be slower in changing one. Only time will make you realize the worth of a true friend.

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